Mackenzie Lynn Smith

Dr. Mackenzie Lynn Smith

Mackenzie Lynn Smith

Dr. Mackenzie L. Smith was a Postdoctoral Scholar (2012-2013). She was also a graduate student (2006-2012). Currently, Dr. Smith is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan working on Quantification and source apportionment of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel extraction activities using airborne measurements in Professor Eric Kort's group. Dr. Smith earned a BS degree in Chemistry from Muhlenberg College. While at Harvard, Dr. Smith studied aerosol particle phase transitions and hygroscopicity, including the effects of particle size and morphology on the ERH, DRH and growth factor in addition to exploring the influence of SOA on the phase transitions of inorganic particles using the Harvard Environmental Chamber.  Her PhD thesis was entitled "The Connection between Microphysical Morphology and Atmospheric Particle Phase Transitions." Dr. Smith was the recipient of a DOE Global Climate Education Program (GCEP) fellowship. Dr. Smith can be reached via email: or

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