Suzane Simoes de Sa

Suzane Simoes de Sa

PhD Student
Suzane  Simoes de Sa

Suzane de Sá is a PhD candidate (2012-2019). Suzane’s research aims to improve our understanding of the effects of anthropogenic emissions on the amount and chemical composition of airborne organic particulate matter (PM). Suzane’s main laboratory is the Amazon forest, where she carried out extensive field work in 2014 (GoAmazon2014/5 project), focusing on measurements of aerosol mass spectrometry. Her most recent study looks at the influence of NO and sulfate on the production of PM from isoprene in central Amazonia. She is a recipient of the Faculty for the Future fellowship, granted by the Schlumberger Foundation. Prior to Harvard, Suzane earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

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