Launched YouTube channel, 'Thermodynamics for Everyone.'

September 18, 2021
Thermodynamics for Everyone
This channel brings the concepts of thermodynamics to everyone, including you! It is based on your experience with the world around you. It brings the world of thermodynamics to you in a series of videos. It extracts principles from observations. After the first playlist, you will know all the principles and rules of thermodynamics. Just like someone who learns the rules of chess never need to learn another rule, so you who finish that playlist never need to learn a new thermodynamic principle. Also like chess, just like the rules can be combined in many ways to lead to grandmaster play, so can you as thermodynamicist learn to apply the principles of thermodynamics to the universe around you. Everything you experience in science and engineering is ultimately governed by the principles of thermodynamics, so your interests in the microscopic, to the human size, to the universe size will find an understanding of thermodynamics as a compelling viewpoint into your human experience.